YoChef’s Seared Sesame Tuna w/ Chili Dipping Sauce

After winning the Appetizer Contest at a New Year’s Party we attended I was asked for the recipe.  Here you go. I’m a little embarrassed by how easy it is. The dipping sauce only has three ingredients, but tastes like you spent some time on it. Enjoy.

3 lbs Ahi tuna steaks



  •           4 tbsp sesame oil (I use the Harris Teeter Toasted Fiery Sesame Oil…it has a little kick)
  •           2 tbsp soy sauce
  •           3 tbsp sesame seeds
  •           3 tbsp black sesame seeds (optional…just looks nice)

Dipping sauce

  •           1 cup Asian Chili Sauce
  •           ¾ cups maple syrup
  •           ½ cup chopped scallions

Mix sesame oil and soy sauce

Brush on tuna filets

Sprinkle filets with sesame seeds

Mix all ingredients of dipping sauce

Drive to Boone (this step is optional on days there is not an App State home game)

Set up tailgate (also optional)

Light tailgate grill, set to “high”. If not tailgating just use one of the grills on your back deck. Use the charcoal one. The flavor is better and the pics look more grilly.

Sear tuna steaks 1-1.5 minutes per side for rare (depending upon how hot your grill gets)

Tuna on grill

Slice tuna in ½ inch slices

Serve with dipping sauce

Enjoy adulation of all your friends

Cheer the Mountaineers on to victory. (Never optional…Don’t Mess With Yosef)

Tuna presentation Tuna presentation II


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