About If Mike D Ruled the World

Reason for this blog: I can’t say anything in less than 150 characters.

Why the name? A few years ago I noticed that anyone could start a The FaceBooks page about anything. About the same time the Kurtis Blow tune If I Ruled the World was the song currently stuck in my head (yes…someone sung that before Lauren Hill / Nas). So, I started a FB page. It got a few followers…which kind of amazed me. I’ve always really thought things would be much better if I were in charge. We’ll explore this later.


  • If I write anything here that completely pisses you off or hurts your feelings, please know that I’m just kidding. However, if you think that I might be talking about you, I probably am. Yes, I know, it’s a slippery slope.
  • Do not go swimming within 30 minutes of reading anything I write.
  • Nothing written here is promised to be factually accurate. I occasionally research things just to make sure that they are not misspelled. Most misspellings are intentional, because they make me laugh (e.g. The FaceBooks, ungood).
  • I am a staunch Republi-crat. All my political beliefs are correct and not up for discussion. Please keep your dissenting opinions of anything I say here off this blog. Because you’re wrong. I’m sorry if this hurts.




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