AFDO Planning Committee Meeting Results


I love how there is a random shoe in the pic.

We’re less than two months out from one of my favorite days of the year. This year will mark the 2nd Anniversary of the 10th Annual Inaugural April Fools’ Day Open to Raise Awareness (AFDO).

For the uninitiated, the AFDO is a golf-like event. Each hole of the par-3 tourney we use different rules, ball-striking implements, or activities to get to the hole. And we raise awareness…crap-tons of awareness. If you would like to know more about the AFDO try this link: Cheese is Funny (we switched to The FaceBooks for marketing a few years ago…but, you’ll get the picture.)

My birthday is sometime in February. I can’t remember which day because my beautiful girlfriend insists on celebrating for the entire month. On a recent random night, in celebration of Aquarians, a few of my friends got together for a b-day beverage. Most of them have participated in the AFDO. We’re on year 12 and I try to incorporate new rules each year. I’m running out of ideas; so, I asked my friends for suggestions. I promised to share the list. Here is said list with my comments, when necessary, in parenthesis/italics.

Quick note: After 11 years of this silliness, I’ve learned you have to critically think through some of this stuff. There are logistics involved. For instance, look at the first two bullets. Both awesome concepts; but, it is a lot easier to procure and transport one slingshot than five walkers. So, if I pooh-pooh your suggestion, it is for solely logistical reasons. I still like the way you think.

  • Geriatric Hole. Walkers, Reacher thingys. (Love it. See “Quick note” above.)
  • Slingshot. (Assuming this means “tee off with a slingshot.” I like it.)
  • Wear galoshes. (This would be hilarious if we could get 5-6 pairs of huge boots donated. Does anyone know any really big firemen?)
  • Duckwalk. (This could be funny. And painful. The shortest hole is 43 yards.We learned this lesson the hard way the year we did a Wheelbarrow Hole.)
  • Hot Yogurt Hole. Chose one person and show your best rendition of the Hot Yogurt Pose. (There was a conversation about Hot Yoga. I made a joke. This is the aftermath.)
  • Sit-In Hole. (We’re not gonna protest! We’re not gonna protest!)
  • The Curling Hole. (I’ll give you the opportunity to think this one through yourselves.)
  • Deaf, Dumb, Blind Hole. (Potential.)
  • Truth or Dare Hole. (Not with this crowd.)
  • Trivia Hole – Answer an AFDO trivia or Trivial Pursuit question. Right -1, Wrong +1.
  • Butt-Hole. (I see what you did there.)
  • Trust Walk Hole. (Someone could get seriously killed.)
  • Blindfold Hole. (See comment for Trust Walk Hole.)
  • Tee Off With Snow Shovel.
  • Never Go To Bed Angry. (Newlywed Advice Hole?)
  • Broom
    • Take turns sweeping wiffle ball
    • Use broom as defensive device against others
  • Recite a  Shakespeare Quote While Taking a Shot of Irish Whiskey Hole. (This one made my head hurt.)
  • On the green, carry the ball to the pin with a spoon, chopsticks, or salad tongs.
  • Barclay by the Back Shed Hole. (I’m hoping you want him to be the bathroom attendant, not do something demeaning.)
  • T-Rex Hole: Velcro straps hold your arms close to your body and you have to emit a T-Rex sound (This could be hilarious. Have to think through the velcro strap thing.)
  • UK National Treasure Hole – Throw the ball as hard as you can at the hole, like you are throwing the English out again. The flag at the hole should be raised as the National Anthem (of ENGLAND) plays. 🙂 (Our new English friend is having trouble assimilating; however, we still appreciate her efforts.)
  • There were also a few suggestions that were inappropriate for even this blog suggesting caddy activities and things I should go do to myself for making people think while drinking. They are still under consideration. 

So, there you have it. Hopefully, now you see why it is so difficult for me to come up with nine really awesome ideas each year. Thank you for your participation. There may be some winners in here. We’ll see.

If you are interested in playing, caddying, spectating, or sponsoring the AFDO, please reach out to me. We have some incredible hospitality packages still available.

Until April, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

And raise awareness. Every day. Like Jim Valvano said, “if every day you can laugh, spread awareness, cry, share awareness, think, and raise awareness, then that is a full day.” Or good day. Or something. I may be paraphrasing.

Mike D.