Things I Say Behind My Parents’ Backs

If Mike D Ruled the World there would be a lot more recycling. Not cans and bottles and such, but the recycling of things I’ve previously written. Because, and I’m just guessing here, running the world would be very time consuming.

Yesterday at work I received an email that made me remember this. And since it’s Father’s Day, I thought I would re-share. Originally posted to The FaceBooks on Father’s Day, 2012

I’ve learned a lot from my father. Recently, I realized that one of the many things gained from being the eldest son of The Reverend John Earl Davis, Jr. is the skill of talking behind people’s backs. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about idle gossip; I’m referring to the art of saying things about people when they are not around.

The Parental Units

The Parental Units

Related to the idle gossip, if you’re going to talk about people, Dad taught me that you don’t say anything about them that you wouldn’t say to them. Fortunately, I also inherited my father’s grin and comedic timing. I learned that with the right delivery you can look at someone and say, “you’re a chucklehead.” Then punctuate with a cheesy grin. The person might actually respond, “you know, I am kind of a chucklehead.”

But, that is not the “behind the back talking about” that caused my epiphany. A few of us were discussing one of my friends who wasn’t present, and I was saying some pretty nice things…really selling him, and I thought, “you know, these are things I’ve never said to this person” (I generally prefer to ridicule those I love when they are around).

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