On the Other End of the Rope

My Dad is a retired Methodist minister. He’s one of those guys that instead of preaching to or at you he tells stories and uses parables to teach lessons.

I remember one Sunday he was talking about faith. He told a story of a small village. One day in this village a lamb fell down into a deep hole. This was in a time and a place where losing livestock was a pretty big deal. You couldn’t just head over to Sheeps-R-Us and buy a new lamb.

There was a small boy in this village. His neighbors were trying to talk the boy into letting them tie a rope around his waist so they could lower him into the crevice to retrieve the lamb. The boy thought for a few moments. He then said, “I will do it. On one condition. I will do it if you let my father hold the rope.”

He knew his Dad would never relinquish his end of the rope.

Sometimes, we’re the young boy attached to a cable, putting our trust in those we know we can count on. In other instances, we have people relying on us to pull them out of the fissure. No matter which end of the rope you find yourself on today, just know, we’re all in this together. Have faith in yourself and each other. I promise I won’t let go and trust that you won’t either.

Have a great day.


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