The Roof. The Roof. (If your brain didn’t just say “…is on fire” we can’t be friends.)

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy

The chicken was marinated. The sun was setting. My favorite time of day. Time to light the grill. Once the thermometer hit 400 degrees I threw on enough chicken to keep me fed for the next few days. As the last piece hit the grill and started to sizzle I heard a horrible sound. Five tiny puffs as the burners went. Crud. Propane tank is empty. No worries. I’ve got plenty. I opened up the door to Grill Central (my outdoor closet) and grabbed another tank. Empty. No worries…I’ve got four tanks in here. And surely, when I took the last full one I would have gotten at least one of them re-filled. Nope. I’m the proud owner of 5 empty propane tanks.

The problem is that when the sun’s shining the holes in the roof don’t bother us. You don’t realize you’re out of propane until the grill stops working. Next thing you know, you’re getting rained on and having to cook your dinner indoors.

Life is ever changing. We have to be nimble. The good news for us is that when calamity strikes, we have the gifts and talents necessary to adapt. We all are given the tools we need to keep going, persevere, and succeed. Trust me. You’ve got them. Dig deep.

Seek out the holes in your roof before it starts to rain. You can fix them. And it’s a lot easier when the sun’s out.

And won’t that be better than cooking inside on a stove with rain dripping on your head?


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