YoChef’s Seared Sesame Tuna w/ Chili Dipping Sauce

After winning the Appetizer Contest at a New Year’s Party we attended I was asked for the recipe.  Here you go. I’m a little embarrassed by how easy it is. The dipping sauce only has three ingredients, but tastes like you spent some time on it. Enjoy.

3 lbs Ahi tuna steaks

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Thanks, Juice

TO and Juice

J.O. and T.O.

My buddy asked me to take a look at his Dad’s obituary before he submitted it to the paper. He wanted to know if there was anything he left out. Reading it I became painfully aware of how difficult it is to reduce someone’s life to 1100 characters that will fit in a 6 inch column. “He served his country during the Vietnam conflict while in the US Army.” Do you know how much that sentence omits? I’ve seen pictures and heard stories that let me know those few words could be expanded into a book. Continue reading

The Grass is Always Different Sometimes

We were tired of hanging out with cheerleaders. That’s how spoiled we were. We were in San Antonio. We had just won the Universal Cheerleaders Association’s National Championship. We, in the sense that I was the App State mascot, Yosef, so I got to travel with the team. I like to think my being there as moral support was key in the triumph.

ASU's First National Championship

ASU’s First National Championship

For almost a week we had been in this incredible place, surrounded by the beautiful people. And we won our division. There was a trophy and everything. Afterwards there was a huge party with hundreds of cheerleaders and college dance team girls. But, we’d been hanging out with them for days. We wanted to see Texas. We wanted to move to greener grass. Again, we were spoiled.

So, Lee, “Skee”, and I left the celebration, hopped into a cab, and Lee instructed the cab driver, “take us to a real Texas bar.” (Note: I can’t remember Skee’s real name…or why we called him Skee…but, I bet it’s an awesome story.) Continue reading

The FaceBooks – You’re Doing it Wrong Installment 2: You Are Not a News Source

You just got through crushing candy. You did some fine crushing. The candy didn’t stand a chance. Then you pulled up your favorite news site and saw something that evoked shock and awe. A voice in your head screamed “I MUST SHARE THIS WITH THE WORLD!” First, please take a step back. Better yet, sit down. I have something to share with you that may sting a bit. Ready? Sitting down?

We all have access to the same interwebs. Not kidding. Let that sink in for a sec.

You know in your heart that you are the first person to discover on Yahoo News that a celebrity died or a rich English baby had his picture made (didn’t we win a war so that we couldn’t have to give a flying crumpet about that family?), or a natural disaster happened. Sorry. You aren’t. “But, Mike D,” you say, “No one has shared this yet.” Good eye. And don’t worry. The posts are coming. There are a lot of people who feel they must share every “newsworthy” event they discover online with their friends. Take pride that you have at least a few virtual friends who understand they don’t. And weep for those who get their news from social media. Continue reading

Things I Say Behind My Parents’ Backs

If Mike D Ruled the World there would be a lot more recycling. Not cans and bottles and such, but the recycling of things I’ve previously written. Because, and I’m just guessing here, running the world would be very time consuming.

Yesterday at work I received an email that made me remember this. And since it’s Father’s Day, I thought I would re-share. Originally posted to The FaceBooks on Father’s Day, 2012

I’ve learned a lot from my father. Recently, I realized that one of the many things gained from being the eldest son of The Reverend John Earl Davis, Jr. is the skill of talking behind people’s backs. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about idle gossip; I’m referring to the art of saying things about people when they are not around.

The Parental Units

The Parental Units

Related to the idle gossip, if you’re going to talk about people, Dad taught me that you don’t say anything about them that you wouldn’t say to them. Fortunately, I also inherited my father’s grin and comedic timing. I learned that with the right delivery you can look at someone and say, “you’re a chucklehead.” Then punctuate with a cheesy grin. The person might actually respond, “you know, I am kind of a chucklehead.”

But, that is not the “behind the back talking about” that caused my epiphany. A few of us were discussing one of my friends who wasn’t present, and I was saying some pretty nice things…really selling him, and I thought, “you know, these are things I’ve never said to this person” (I generally prefer to ridicule those I love when they are around).

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The FaceBooks – You’re Doing it Wrong Chapter 1: Like and Share This

Like and Share

Plus, most people who post things like this can’t figure out “you’re”

If you see something on The FB that says “like and share this if” there is one socially acceptable option: don’t. Why? First of all, because you are clogging up everyone’s feed with unoriginal content. We all joined this social network so that we could keep up with how many cups of coffee you had or to find out whether or not your kid pooped today. We really don’t give a crap about the other stuff. Secondly, (secondly?…did I just type “secondly”?…I really need a thesaurus) if you have to tell your child you love them by sharing a post that says “if you have a daughter you love, share this” then you should probably spend more time with your kid and less on the computer.

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By Popular Demand (…or, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time)

Because hundreds of thousands of people* keep telling me “you should blog” and I have a ton of extra minutes a day on my hands, here you have it. See the “About” page for disclaimers. My first series will be about The FaceBooks. Yes, I know the cool kids don’t use FB any longer and don’t call it The FaceBooks, but I’m old.

Stay tuned for random thoughts from my head. If you have a topic you would like my thoughts on, although I can’t see that ever happening, feel free to ask.

*this is an approximation…it may have just been one person who is tired of me talking so much.